MO02/01- Colonisation of Moho-Introduction


Moho is the first planet of the Kerbal system. It’s the Mercury analog. No atmosphere, and really hot. Landing on Moho is not really difficult but rendezvousing it is: it has a small sphere of influence and it is near the sun so you need a huge amount of delta velocity to do your injection brake in its orbit.

I have decided to try a challenging mission, setting up a manned base with life support and drills, and establish a functional remote tech network. I’ll also need a rover, a evacuation lander, an orbiter and a refueler tanker to do the shuttle between the base and the orbiter. Everything has to be launched in ONE trip. Should be epic.

You can find all informations about Moho on the Ksp wiki.

Finding a landing spot

I have already sent and set up a Scansat probe to prospect for a good landing site. This site should be not so far from an equatorial orbit for obvious reason and with a high concentration of Ore.

Table Of Content

Below, the table of content of this mission report:

  • Part 02
    • 1 Designing the Network relay ( Remote tech)
    • 2 Designing the LEV (Light Evacuation Vehicle)
    • 3 The Science Rover
    • 4 The Base with life support
    • 5 Assembling parts
    • 6 The Orbiter
    • 7 The Launcher
    • 8 The refueler tanker
  • Part 03
    • Launching ship
    • Rendezvous with the refueling station
    • Refueling the station
    • Launching the Moho refueler tanker
    • Refueling the tanker
    • Connecting the tanker to the mothership
  • Part 04
    • Ejection burn setup
    • Ejection burn
    • Injection into Moho
  • Part 05
    • Relay constellation deployment
    • Base landing
    • Lander and refueler landing
    • Base assembly

Mods list

  • Scansat
    • This part-containing add-on allows you to scan the surfaces of planetary bodies to produce various kinds of maps and mine relatively small amounts of sweet, juicy, 110% fresh-squeezed science (in career mode).

  • Planetary bases inc systems
    • This mod adds several new parts that are designed to be used in a planetery base for the Kerbals.This includes Habitats, Greenhouse, Laboratory, a Cupola derivative, Command-Center and others. It is designed to fit with the other stock parts and feel as “Kerbal” as possible.

  • Tac life support
    • TAC Life Support is a mod which adds food, water, oxygen, and electric charge as requirements for survival in space. Go without support for too long, and your Kerbals die a non-fiery death! Included are parts with storage for food, water, oxygen, waste products, as well as some recyclers for oxygen and water.

  • Usi Konstruction
    • Konstruction adds new parts and game mechanics to KSP centered around base and orbital construction!

  • Usi Kontainers
    • This is a bundled release of the USI nuclear reactors and the various kontanier types that are used accross many USI mods – tossing this out as a separate bundle by request (and to version this separately for ease of distribution)

  • Kerbal Engineer Redux
    • This plugin will allow you to view important statistics about your ship whilst building it and in flight.

  • Stage Recovery
    • This mod allows funds to be recovered, at a reduced rate, from dropped stages so long as they have parachutes attached (not necessarily deployed).

  • Alternate Ressource Panel
    • The KSP Alternate Resource Panel is a plugin and was created to provide an alternate view of the resources list and also add some staging functionality to the map view.

  • Raster Prop Monitor
    • Are you tired of your Kerbals complaining about having nothing to do during long flights? Do you want to give them more buttons to push, and maybe some displays so they can keep track of what’s going on? Then look no farther.

  • Part Commander
    • Tired of playing “sniper” trying to access a part’s right-click menu while hurtling through space? Ever wish you could access those options while in IVA or Map View? Don’t feel like setting up action groups for everything? Then Part Commander is for you! Part Commander consolidates all the right-click menus from parts on the active vessel into a single interface (with the optional ability to “pop off” selected parts into their own windows if you wish).

  • Kis and Kas
    • KIS introduces new gameplay mechanics by adding a brand new inventory system and EVA usables items as tools. You want to build a rover on Duna from scratch? Now you can…

    • KAS introduces new gameplay mechanics by adding winches and eva attachable struts/pipes. It gives some purpose to EVA and can be used for many things

  • HullCam VDS
    • Hullcam let’s you add different cameras(black and white, grainy tv, nightvision, etc) to any part of your vehicle or construction. Docking ports have special docking cameras now and you can also see through the eyes of your Kerbals in EVA.

  • PreciseNode
    • Regex wrote this plugin to fulfill a singular request he had since he started seriously playing this game: the ability to see the ejection angle of a maneuver node. When we have wonderful tools like alexmun’s Launch Window Planner allowing us to plan our trips and take advantage of sub-optimal launch windows, it is literally a crime in his eyes to not have this simple capability.

  • RCSBuildAid
    • Placing RCS thrusters in the right positions in the first try without having to go back and forth between the VAB and the hacked gravity launchpad.
  • RemoteTech
    • RemoteTech is a modification which overhauls the unmanned space program. It does this by requiring unmanned vessels have a connection to Kerbal Space Center (KSC) to be able to be controlled. This adds a new layer of difficulty that compensates for the lack of live crew members.

  • KerbalAlarmClock
    • The Kerbal Alarm Clock is a plugin that allows you to create reminder alarms at future periods to help you manage your flights and not warp past important times.

  • EditorExtensionRedux
    • Add some Vab/Sph tools to design ships

Tools and Links

All mods description are from the kerbalspaceprogram forum. All rights reserved @2017


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