MO02/03-Launch and assemble

Table of content

  • 1 Ascent and circularisation
  • 2 Rendezvous with the refueling station Ganymede
  • 3 Refueling the refueling station…
  • 4 Launching the refueler and journey to Kepler base to fill it
  • 5 Assembling the refueler and the mothership

1 Ascent and circularisation

On the launch pad. Fully loaded. It would have been safer to launch the base then the orbiter but wait, it’s the kerbal way after all.

We are airborne and still alive.

Ditching the Srb and still alive.

Ditching the first part of the asparagus. And still alive.

Starting the gravity turn at 12km. Way to high for sure but it was too dangerous to initiate it earlier with so much weight. Anyway who cares? Are you from the police of the gravity turn? Hmm?

On course. And still alive.

Ascent burn is finished. Only 100m/s to finish the circularisation. Not bad at all. Have you noticed i’m still alive?

Deploying the fairing. It was gorgeous. It’s a shame my computer is not able to record a video because it was absolutely beautiful.

Mhm. i have miscalculated this: i’m in orbit so this part of the launcher (on the left in case you are dumb) , the most expensive one, won’t go back. I’ll use a grabber ship later to de-orbit it.

2 rendezvous with the refueling station Ganymede

Time to rendezvous with the refueling station Ganymede orbiting at 500km. 12km? It’s too much. Let’s do this burn and we will tweak it after. It’s too complicated to guide this ship with the launcher still attached. I need 4 minutes to rotate it to 180°

Separation of the launcher.

200meters? Almost perfect!

Less than 1km to rendezvous.

Here you are darling!

Matching velocities with target, of course i will overshoot the station: i burn with nuclear engines and even 70m/s will take more than 10s. Reverting the situtation with Rcs will take age and… rotating the ship also took age…

Velocities (almost) matched. Time to select the source docking port…

… and the destination port on the station.

The ship viewed from the station docking port.

And the station docking port seen from the ship. But i made a mistake. a huge mistake. I can’t dock to this port: my ship is too big and it will collide on the round tank.

So i used another port and lost more than 600 monoprop in this operation… But who cares? The station has about 15000 monoprop available.

Docked! The angle is not good but never mind…. i already lost too much monoprop, For the record, i had less than 20 monoprop available when finally docked… Coming from 1000. It’s a big failure. But we are still alive and docked so…. The docking operation took about 1 hour IRL…

Time to transfer fuel. Took me more than 15 minutes.

3 Refueling the refueling station…

F@#k and S#@t! The station is empty and only 2000l are missing… Anyway, i haven’t yet planned the trip but a quick look at the transfer window planner told me it will be in more than 100 days. Time to refuel the station i presume….

Luckily, i have everything i need on this station (except 2000l of fuel… ) On the left a small rock hopper to mine class C asteroids, a big rock hopper on the right to mine class E asteroids, a refueler tanker above the station (the compound with many small round tanks) doing the shuttle between the station and the Kepler base on Minmus, and 3 escape ships below the station hidden by the round tank. So let’s use the refueler and head to Minmus. It can bring 6000l each trip. It will take less than 15 days as the Kepler base drill full time and should be fully loaded.

So Minmus again. With the refueler. I have done this trip so many times…

Crap… 360m off and my winch is only 80m long. Time for a small ballistic jump…

Done. This base is a mess. I struggle to assemble these tanks. Rated at 3,75m and weighting a lot, a need several kerbals and a lot of operations to move them. In theory, the crane should be able to assist kerbals to move parts with kis/kas according to the Usi mod wiki but i don’t understand how to do it. The crane is part of Konstruction, a sub mod from the USI (umbra systems industries) mod.

Rant on

For my point of view, Usi mod could be the absolute mod of ksp but it is too ambitious, too many modules, too many parts and i think the Usi team is not able to check and maintain everything. For example, there is a targeting mode on Konstruction magnets but it doesn’t work and you won’t find a tutorial to explain how to handle it with kis/kas, despite it’s specified in wiki that it is a feature. Another thing; cradles to erect tanks. A genius idea. But how does that works? You won’t find info about this topic. That’s why i prefer planetary base inc systems. Less ambitious, only few parts, but everything is working perfectly. So perfect than most of my ships are equipped with there parts.

Rant off

Connecting the winch to the base, a routine job for Agaya. Almost boring. Fuel transfer done. Take off, orbit around Minmus.

returning…. Setting a kerbin periapiss about 55000m to aerobrake.


Rendezvousing the station. I have tested a new strategy, and it was not a good idea: rendezvous without establishing a nice orbit first. I lost about 800 litres in comparison of what i usually spare in this operation. But it was a try.

… Docking and transferring fuel. Something’s wrong, i still miss 2000dv. Braking on Moho is difficult. There are numerous strategies i could try but as said before with a manned crew and Tac life support activated, i cant wait  for a perfect alignement or test an Eve slingshot. But slingshot of  a probe will be the subject of a next project.

4 Launching the refueler and journey to Kepler base to fill it

I am lazy, i glued 18 Srbs to launch it…

I lost 2 wings when ditching the last 6 Srbs. But i am in space and i will decouple the launcher in several seconds. No consequence.

I wont take screenshots of  the trip to Minmus as it is the Xth iteration of this operation, and the ship is almost similar to the one i used in the previous chapter.

5 Assembling the refueler and the mothership

This part of the mission took me several hours. It was a painful and frustrating experience.  I forgot to install a senior docking port in front of the base, i have to add it manually with kis and kas.

A senior port weighs about 200kg, a kerbal can move it easily but its volume is 5 times what the Kis inventory can carry. As you can imagine, when you detach a part in orbit, it won’t stay in position… so i have decided to gather it to the attaching point with a winch.


Now the senior docking port is in place, i just have to dock the refuel tanker to finish this part of the mission.


Oups, i have almost forgotten Agaya on Eva. She noticed we could have some structural failures between the base and the tanker. Time to add some duct tape. i mean… struts.


Well, i think we are ready for the journey…


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