We arrived. The mothership is orbiting Moho on an equatorial orbit. First operation:  to deploy the relay constellation.

Relay constellation deployment

We use a standard single launch approach. Each sat is deployed at an altitude of 2500km. The network is covering 95% of the planet, i have some blackout on the poles, perhaps i will add 1 or 2 polar sats later to achieve a 100% coverage.

Base landing

screenshot34I have made a mistake; you can notice i forgot to add a decoupler below the modular grid segment where the lander is attached, i can’t land with it! Time for an Eva.

First, the lander is decoupled and docked to another port of the mothership.

screenshot36It was easy.

screenshot37But claustrophobic…

screenshot0Landing in progress…

screenshot1Almost there…



Lander and Refueler landing

Kerbals are transferred from the mothership to the lander and start the landing procedure. the refueler tanker will follow.

A dangerous landing…

Base assembly


Sumy inspects the packed base. It will be a lot of work to deploy everything with Kis and Kas; the rover, the solar and thermal panels, antennas.

The Moho02 mission is now finished. Our kerbals have some work, scientific studies mainly. I didn’t land exactly where i was supposed to: the terrain is too inclined for a base (7%) but hopefully, i’m only at 3km from another biome. It’s time to hit the road with the rover i suppose.

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 21.16.52.png

Moho03 is planned to bring our kerbals a new laboratory, some habitations, a greenhouse, some water drillers, and lifesupport tanks, ore and fuel tanks.

I have a window to return to Kerbin in 90 days and another window to bring parts from Kerbin to the base in 190 days. It’s perfect, i’ll use the same interplanetary pusher, no need to launch another one!

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 20.46.05.png

note for Moho03 mission

  • do not forget to add a control pod to the pusher: a pilot is mandatory for the return trip…
  • another pod for the rover, i forgot to add one, i can hardly believe it but i have no pod on it… Hopefully, it has a command seat so it’s not totally useless…
  • The Gxw128 antenna on the Moho Stellar Pusher is useless, add one or two  commHG55 instead
  • add an ore driller so the Isru can work at 100% load

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