DU01 – Scansat and Duna constellation


Deploy a relay and scansat the planet in one launch

When the scansat operation is finished, the scansat sat will be used as a polar relay. First altitude deployment is 750km, then 250km and  return to 1 695.87 for a final deployment.

For a semi-synchronous orbit of ½ Duna day (9.1 hours or 32758.9295 seconds) an orbit of 1 695.87 km above Duna is needed with a velocity of 386.65 m/s.

Dishes selection

Each relay must be able to speak with Kerbin and Dres.

Celestial Apoapsis Periapsis Min distance Max distance
Kerbin 13.599.840.256 13.599.840.256  6 069 281 000  35 385 029 000
Duna 21.783.189.163 19.669.121.365
Dres 40.839.348.203 34.917.642.714 13 188 453 62 622 537 000

Kerbin Duna : 6M – 35M ; Comm 88

screen-shot-2017-01-25-at-19-43-05   Duna Dres : 13-62: Ra100 + Comm hg55




We’ll use a single launch to deploy the Polar2 sat synchronized with the scansat  sat used as a Polar1 and a multi launch to deploy the 3 equatorial ones.






missing documents


The Scansat sat and the compound made of the 4 relays will be decoupled at mid course: the scansat one goes to a polar orbit whereas the relays go for a equatorial one. At mid course, the dv cost  to adjust the two trajectories wil be minimal (50m/s max)

Injection on Duna

mission in progress

Constellation deployment

mission in progress


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